noonesfaultbutmine is an unlisted video on the channel Signal And Noise found via the spectrogram of likeaseagull. It was originally unavailable until players unlocked it via the twitter account @pangenttech by submitting the decrypted transcript found via a pastebin link. This version of the video's transcript had appeared before the video did. This is the longest video currently known showing The Woman (vignere key Argentina). A five-second clip from this video was also released first as "ThedayIstopped."

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6e 66 75 72 72 6c 6e 6e 75 6c 6b 68 79 67 66 71 61 65 Edit

Hexidecimal translates to "nfurrlnnulkhygfqae"

Key: argentina

Decrypts to "noonesfaultbutmine"

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This video contains no description on youtube.

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Patience is not one of my virtues. When you're a kid, you touch the stove and it burns your hand. So you know not to touch that anymore. It's hot. Kids understand but adults don't listen. Alcohol poisons us. It causes brain damage. So we drink every night. We want to prove we're bigger than God. We don't do as we're told. We sleep during the day and build waterparks in the desert. We do it because we can. And what if it worked? Years from now or maybe tomorrow? And I was the one who figured it out? If I was the prototype? How could I live with myself? Well, I guess I'd have to. My God. When I got the job they said you're here because you want to change the world. Well, change isn't always for the better. If I trusted them, if I trusted the world, we could make a paradise. But we wouldn't, would we? This is everything I ever worked for, and if we ever got it right it would break the world. I don't believe in God but I know I'm not bigger than God. I used to love my job. I would burn that place down without a second thought.

This video contains no spectrograms.