Here are some of the known coded messages from the Youtube channel, along with their "author code" [vigenere cipher]. Messages by "Argentina" are known to be The Woman. Messages from "ConsciousHumanSouls" are known to be Eric/The Man. Other ciphers at the Youtube channel may belong to either.

patience is not one of my virtues:

argentina (argentina)

i'm taking it all the work every page everything I've ever thought, you don't own my mind. (argentina)


argentina (argentina)

They found me when I had nothing left to lose (argentina)

For what it’s worth, I lived a long time (argentina)

they would ask me should technology be free does progress belong to the people I could have been a billionaire if I’d only sold my soul (argentina)

I came in at midnight and took their ball away (argentina)

I’m basically the Sergio Aguero of the tech industry (argentina)

You ever feel like Jeff Goldblum in a Richard Attenborough world? (argentina)


I stole decades from you I destroyed myself to save you (conscioushumansouls)

I never claimed to be a perfect man I did what I thought was right (conscioushumansouls)

Her boss's name was X, but his friends called him redacted (conscioushumansouls)

a drunk driver, jagged metal (conscioushumansouls)



all my life ive been a fuckup the only thing i ever did right was marry you i dont know why you said yes (iloveyoulottie)


could you put this in order for me (conscioushumansouls)


even though we (argentina)

information wants to be free and progress belongs to the people if they could theyd copyright water theyd copyright the sun and they own me do you understand i cant get out (argentina)

when you're a kid, you touch the stove and it burns your hand. so you know not to touch that anymore. it's hot. kids understand but adults don't listen. alcohol poisons us. it causes brain damage. so we drink every night. we want to prove we're bigger than god. we don't do as we're told. we sleep during the day and build waterparks in the desert. we do it because we can. and what if it worked? years from now or maybe tomorrow? and i was the one who figured it out? if i was the prototype? how could i live with myself? well, i guess i'd have to. my god. when i got the job they said you're here because you want to change the world. well, change isn't always for the better. if i trusted them, if i trusted the world, we could make a paradise. but we wouldn't, would we? this is everything i ever worked for, and if we ever got it right it would break the world. i don't believe in god but i know i'm not bigger than god. i used to love my job. i would burn that place down without a second thought. there are some things we as a species just weren't meant to know. (argentina)

and here i actually thought i was fighting for something (argentina)

twofeetlongthroughericsn​eck (argentina)


definitive proof


so what were your test results

youre like her you know

as brilliant as she was

i could never keep up with her

she was always moving too fast

missing the forest for the trees (pangent)

i'm tired too

with blood on my hands, i plugged him in. i\'ll never know if it actually worked. (argentina)

im sorry im not very organized (conscioushumansouls)

could you put all these notes in order for me (conscioushumansouls)

i try to be honest i dont know why i scored so low (conscioushumansouls)

imovedthegoalposts:­/chrono (argentina)


im sure youve got some questions for me


im here (argentina)

eric was never very organized.

nothing was ever quite in the right order or put back where he found it. (argentina)

youre fast

but its all in the wrong order (conscioushumansouls)

context is overrated (conscioushumansouls)

we have nothing to tie the twitter account and the youtube do we? (pangent)

actually your skulls look delicious

that came out wrong

it's a twitter reference (pangent)

i told you i don't do tricks (conscioushumansouls)

my assistant is crying now. you can thank twitter for that. (argentina)

anyone know how to delete ten thousand twitter posts? (argentina)

what would sergio aguero do? (argentina)­/chrono (signalandnoise)


it came in a glass box. a shimmering blue, or black if you shined no light on it. somewhere between solid and liquid. always rippling but never moving. about a hundred folds in it per inch. i don't know where they got it, or how they made it, if they made it. i don't think they made it. i no longer had the clearance to ask. i guess i'll never know now, though it's hardly left my side since. especially now. it had properties unlike anything i've seen before or since. it almost seemed alive. no, forget the almost. whatever it was they couldn't duplicate it. that would be my job, if i could figure it out. but they saw the potential immediately. data storage. (argentina)­/chrono (signalandnoise)